Fed Computer Weekly, 12/12/11
Union coalition urges feds to take action against pay cuts
by Camille Tuuti
Government Executive, 12/12/11
House vote expected Tuesday on bill containing pay freeze
by Kellie Lunney

The Washington Post, 12/2/11
Payroll tax cut plan rejected, but workers aren't in the clear
by Joe Davidson

The Washington Post, 9/14/11
Alliance pledges to defend federal workforce from 'irresponsible cuts'
by Joe Davidson
The Federal Times, 9/14/11
Unions to super committee: Hands of feds
by Stephen Losey
The Washington Post, 5/27/11
Before shrinking size of government, start with the right question
 by Joe Davidson

The Federal Times, 5/26/11
Republicans debate how quickly and deeply to cut the federal workforce
by Stephen Losey


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